Men’s care: A thriving new business in Bangladesh

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Thursday, July 6th, 2017


Bangladesh is a developing country of South East Asia. Keeping pace with the dynamic world, many new businesses have emerged in last 10-15 years, many businesses have changed their forms and many have become extinct. One of the recently developed businesses in Bangladesh is men’s beautification salon. This industry started to develop not more than 8-10 years ago.


Even in the last decade men’s beautification in Bangladesh was confined to only hair cut and shaving. But now a days the salons not only offer hair cut and shaving but also various types of services like face wash, shampooing, hair color, hair treatment, hair straightening, highlighting, fair polishing, pedicure, manicure, massaging, waxing, wedding groom up and some also offer tattooing piercing etc. These salons charge from Tk 100 to more than Tk 20,000 for different level of services. And most of the customers are satisfied with the service.


Some of the well known and premium level beautification salons for men are Persona Adams, Beau Monde, Habib’s @ Alvira’s, Hairobics (men), Adonize, Menz World etc. Some of these salons get on an average 10-15 customers per weekday and on average 20-25 customers during weekends and some also get about 25-35 customers per weekday and about 40-45 customers during weekends. This variation depends much on customer satisfaction, location, service quality, promotional activities, brand loyalty etc.


The target customers of these salons are upper class and upper middle class men but occasionally middle class people also visit the salons. Most of these salons are located in Dhaka city and few of them are in Chittagong and Sylhet. In Dhaka, mostly these salons can be seen in areas like Gulshan, Banani, and Dhanmondi to attract most of the target customers.


About 10-15 hairdressers work in these salons. And their salary range is Tk 8,000-15,000 based on their skills and experience. People from some ethnic groups like Chakma, Marma, Urdu-speaking Bihari community – get employment in this business. To start up a new premium level men’s beautification salon, one has to invest in some categories like suitable space for salon in a suitable area (either to buy or to rent a place), furniture, stationary materials, inventories (including beautification product), hiring employees and also some miscellaneous stuff. And one may need to invest about Tk 1-2.5 crore to start a premium level men’s beautification salon.


As well as good service to attract customers these salons have different types of promotional activities, offers, incentives and entertainment facilities for the customers. Offers and incentives include discounts in different occasions, discount for taking service of certain amount, discount for regular customers etc. These salons also have some light entertainment facilities like newspapers and magazines in waiting room, TV displaying sports channel, and sometimes they also offer tea, coffee etc.  Some of them have separate space for kids.


Though these premium level men’s beautification salons are getting popular and gradually managing to attract customers but still all the salons in this category are not enough profitable. Some of the reasons behind it are high start up cost high maintenance cost; few target customer high competition among the salons, lack of awareness about beautification among men and also comparably higher price of the services etc.


In spite of having some constraint this business has high growth potential. It is a growing business and our young generation is becoming aware of it. These salons stand out from the others mainly because of their quality of service, high concern about health and hygiene factors, differentiated service, and use of modern technology etc.


The entire beauty service industry of Bangladesh currently stands at an estimated revenue worth of about Tk 150 crore, according to a 2015 Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics report. It is estimated that about 30% of this value is added from men’s beautification centers or men’s salons. Being a comparably new business, it faces some constraints but it has good growth prospect and can be proved as a very profitable business in near future and can also create good employment opportunity for a lot of people in Bangladesh.

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