Got Time to Exercise?

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Thursday, May 18th, 2017


Corporate Fitness beneficial for service-holders


The corporate world is fast; faster than anyone could imagine. Those who work with corporates have to be alert all the time not to commit any mistake. The job has to be done and this thought keeps the executives quite tense. That’s where fitness comes in; one has to be very fit in order to cope up in the corporate arena.


Asaf Ud Daula, Key Account Manager, Corporate Sales at one of the leading telcos in the country, thinks the corporate world is a very critical playground and one has to be fit to survive. “Some corporate houses regularly send its employee to executive health check up to keep people aware of their health,” says Daula.


Alamgir Kabir, a former head of Revenue Assurance Department at Airtel Bangladesh, thinks in today’s competitive environment, managing anxiety and depression is the key to success. “We may have the necessary knowledge, skill and full desire to perform our best but without having positive mental health, it’s almost impossible to get the best out of our talent and physical fitness help reduce anxiety and depression” he says, adding: “thus it’s very important to have physical fitness for corporates.”


Branding professional Aftab Mahmud Khurshid also assesses physical fitness is crucial.


So, what do they do for keeping themselves fit? Kabir goes to gym. He says: “I go there at least four days in a week, usually in the morning and exercise at least for one hour under the instruction of a trainer and have balanced diet in my breakfast.” But Daula doesn’t exercise. He limits himself in dieting. “However, many of my colleagues work out and some people go back home walking. The single people usually go to gym after office,” he explains.


On the other hand, Khurshid walks, but he also relaxes himself through other means. He takes interest in music, art and cultural events, writing, reading and socializing. He also gets involved in knowledge-shearing events such as conference, seminar, talk shows etc. For Khurshid, mental fitness is quite important as physical fitness linked with sound mental health.


But do these people have time for exercise or any other relaxation? Daula says: “No, absolutely not.” But he wishes he had time for physical exercise.


Kabir thinks finding time for fitness depend on one’s strong desire and reason. But he quips: “There is a proverb, those who avail yearly membership of a gym, the chances for him to go to the gym for maximum 30 days a year.” It took Kabir several years to find a strong reason. “Another important thing is to choose a time of day you can stick with so that exercise becomes a habit. I managed to choose suitable time to hit the gym I’m enjoying it,” he adds.


Khurshid says it’s on the job for him. He doesn’t go to the gym, but he walks in the office area after lunch, eat less heavy food in lunch time and take tea. “If I need to go nearby place, I usually take a walk,” he explains.


You see; how important is to find time for physical fitness! One must have a strong desire to find time. So, what are to waiting for? Take a resolution today.

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